Learn How to Respond to Common Climate Excuses

This week, get the facts about these common myths for why we shouldn’t act on climate change.

There are some people who aren’t really climate change deniers, but rather, seem to always have an excuse for not supporting climate change action. They know the world is warming, but they don’t see the need for urgent action. Sometimes people like that are called “lukewarmers.”

But much like climate deniers, lukewarmers don’t have all the facts right. This week, gear up with answers for common excuses not to act on climate change. Below, we’ve assembled a list of myths, along with links to the right response.

It’s not that bad.

Developing countries need fossil fuels to reach a better standard of living.

Plants and animals can adapt.

Humans can adapt.

Renewable energy is too expensive.

The Paris Agreement was a bad deal for the U.S.

Cutting emissions will hurt the poor.

The U.S. shouldn’t cut emissions, as long as China and India keep polluting.”

If you know someone who’s made one of these arguments before, consider having a conversation with them. Try to be a good listener, and find common ground with them before presenting them with the facts. And let us know how it goes, by emailing your experience to info@theyearsproject.com.