Learn How to Get Clean Energy

Find out if switching to a utility that offers renewable energy certificates is right for you.

You don’t have to own the roof over your head to get clean energy from solar or wind. There are a number of renewable energy companies that allow you to sign up for clean energy through the existing grid and your regular energy bill.

These clean energy providers usually use a tool called a renewable energy certificate (REC). No matter how it’s produced, once electricity enters the grid, it’s basically all the same. So, what the renewable energy certificate does is pay for the amount of energy you use to be generated by a renewable source. The electrons powering your laptop and light bulbs might not have actually come from a wind turbine or solar panel, but you will be supporting the creation of others generated from renewables. It’s basically an offset for your usage. (Still confused? Further explanation here.)  But it also encourages more investment in renewable energy and makes it cheaper for everybody in the long run.

There are now clean energy providers in all 50 U.S. states. This week, consider whether switching to one of them is right for you. In some cases, your energy bill might be modestly higher. It’s good to shop around to get the best rate.

Here’s a list of options to consider:

Arcadia Power

Ethical Electric

Green Mountain Energy

Green Core Electric

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