Last Call for the Tax Bill

Ask your members of Congress to oppose the tax plan.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve asked you to contact your elected officials about different parts of the proposed tax plan that were all bad news for the climate. Today, we’re asking you to make one last call to oppose the bill as a whole.

The final deal doesn’t include some of the measures that would do the most harm to clean energy projects, and it doesn’t kill the tax incentives for buying electric vehicles.

But it does increase tax exemptions for fossil fuels, and it also opens the Arctic Wildlife Refuge to drilling. Some of the changes may still harm investments in solar and wind energy. Those are all reasons to oppose it.

So please, make one last call about the tax bill this week, and ask your members of Congress to oppose it because it’s bad for the climate. Our elected officials need to know that we care about the climate impacts of every new law they make.