Join Zero Hour in D.C., Find a Sister March or Start Your Own

There are many different ways to support the Zero Hour youth movement.


This summer, high school students and other young people are organizing a march on July 21 in Washington, D.C. to demand climate action. If you are planning to travel to D.C., now is a great time to start making your trip arrangements. There’s also a Youth Lobby Day on July 19, and a day to build art and banners on July 20.

If you can’t come to D.C., sister marches are also happening around the country, including New York, Atlanta and Seattle. You can also start your own sister march, just be sure to register your march at the “Sister March” button below and email to introduce yourself.

Even if you can’t march this summer, there are many other ways to support the Zero Hour movement. Follow them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, buy a shirt to help raise funds and awareness. Or you can simply donate here.