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Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection is currently considering rules that would limit methane pollution from new gas and oil operations in the state. The proposal has the support of Governor Tom Wolf. As Mark Bittman learned on Years of Living Dangerously, we need stronger rules to limit methane from natural gas operations, if we want to slow climate change. Pennsylvania is one of the biggest producers of natural gas in the U.S., so action at the state level is a big deal for everyone.

Right now, the rules are open to public comment. You can use the button below or submit a comment by emailing, just be sure to include your name and address in the email.

You can write something like this:

“Thank you for advancing rules that would restrict methane pollution from new oil and gas operations. Pennsylvania is the second largest producer of natural gas in the U.S., so the state has the opportunity to be a leader in this matter. Emissions from methane not only impact the health and wellbeing of local Pennsylvania residents, but also contribute to global climate change.  

It’s encouraging that these rules will require gas and oil companies to control 98 percent of methane emissions. However, I hope these rules will be strengthened by removing the provision that allows companies to stop looking for leaks based on past findings. The fact that a site hasn’t had a gas leak in the past doesn’t predict there will be no leaks in the future. 

I hope these rules will be implemented as soon as possible, and that Pennsylvania will continue to develop rules to reduce methane pollution from existing oil and gas operations in the future. 

Thank you for your consideration.”

The comments are open to people everywhere, but comments from Pennsylvania residents will be particularly valuable. Please consider sharing this action with anyone you know in Pennsylvania!