This week, consider how you can lower the amount of pollution associated with your daily travel.

Worldwide, about 20 percent of greenhouse gas pollution comes from transportation, according to The World Bank. So one of the ways you can have a direct impact on climate change is by reconsidering how you get from place to place.

The best modes of transportation are the cleanest, like walking, biking, or even rollerblading. For longer trips, public transportation is the next best thing—the carbon footprint of each ride is considerably lower than driving by yourself. This week, see if you can replace any of your trips with a cleaner mode—walking, biking, or riding the bus—to reduce your personal carbon footprint. If that’s not an option, consider if carpooling. Most ride hailing apps now have a carpooling option. It’s cheaper, and better for the planet.

But if you must drive solo, then take some time to check out our latest video about the clean cars that could help drive you—and the rest of us—towards a more sustainable future. Watch Ty Burrell takes us for a spin through the world of electric cars and autonomous vehicles.