Give Light

Help bring light to Puerto Ricans still living without power.

Meet the SolarPuff

Designer Alice Min Soo Chun was inspired by origami to create a solar lantern that could be folded flat. This lightweight design means it uses less fuel to ship compared to a flashlight. Her invention, the SolarPuff, has already helped bring light to people all around the world, from earthquake victims in Haiti to refugees from Syria.

Now, it’s helping the many people in Puerto Rico who are still living without power after Hurricane Maria. So far, they’ve delivered 14,000 lights to Puerto Rico, and plan to deliver more thanks to some help from a crowdfunding campaign.

Chun told Years of Living Dangerously that her nonprofit, Studio Unite, is part of a brigade that’s also delivering food and medical supplies.

SolarPuff offers a buy-one-give-one model, so you can get your own solar light to use around the house and while camping, and donate a light to someone in need at the same time. Or you can just donate.   

And if you can’t afford to donate right now, consider sharing our video about the SolarPuff. You never know who you might inspire.