Tell your mayor that you’re ready for 100% renewable energy.


From Vancouver to Paris, from Los Angeles to Sydney, cities and towns around the world are setting their sights on 100 percent clean energy. San Diego, California aims to be 100% renewably powered by 2035. Abita Springs, Louisiana plans to use only renewable energy by 2030. Burlington, Vermont already does! (See the full list here.)

Does your town or city have a goal like that?

If not, write a letter to your mayor and ask him or her to set a goal to go 100% renewable. Say that you support a goal of 100% clean energy, and you want to see him or her to become a leader on this issue.

If your city or town already has a goal to go 100 percent, that’s awesome! You can use the link below to thank your mayor—just be sure to edit the sample text.