A new tool makes it easier to find and fight fossil fuel projects.

Become a FracTracker

Natural gas might seem better for climate change than coal. But evidence is mounting that methane leaks from producing and transporting natural gas make it a dangerous contributor to climate change, on par with other fossil fuels. At the end of the day, renewables like wind and solar are cleaner, safer and getting cheaper all the time.

That’s why there’s a grassroots movement to put an end to fracking, pipelines and other new fossil fuel projects. But it’s often difficult to know where the fracking is occurring and where the gas and oil are going.

That’s were this week’s action comes in. You can help crowdsource the map of fossil fuel infrastructure in your community, by using the FracTracker App. Not only can you identify where fossil fuel projects are happening, you can also submit reports about new projects and potential impacts.