Consider Composting

Or step up your composting game!

Why Compost

When food scraps and other organic material gets thrown into the garbage and hauled away to the landfill, it can actually contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. As food rots in a landfill, it can create pockets of methane, which eventually leak out into the atmosphere.

However, in a healthy soil system, food scraps and yard waste return to a natural cycle that can actually help sequester carbon. That’s why today’s daily action is to consider composting.

If you want to start your own compost pile, we recommend the article “Home Composting Made Easy” to get you started. If you’re already composting, check out this list of things you might not realize can be added to your pile.

And finally, if you like the idea of composting but aren’t sure you’re ready to do it yourself, do a little digging online. Find out if there’s a community garden or similar environmental project that accepts food scraps for composting. More and more cities are offering residents composting services, so take a few minutes to find out about the composting options in your area. You can keep food scraps in a paper bag in your freezer until you’re ready to drop them off.

Photo: SITS Girls