Check Out This Solar Charger That Helps Disaster Survivors

The solar-powered QWNN offers a buy-one-give-one deal that delivers solar lights and chargers to people in need.

With solar panels and battery technology improving all the time, there are now a range of portable products that can provide light and power off the grid and emission-free.

The QWNN, invented by Alice MinSoo Chun, not only helps consumers get clean power for light and phone charging, but also helps disaster survivors. For every QWNN sold, another one will be donated to people affected by the most recent earthquake in Indonesia. The company’s other light, the Solarpuff, has helped victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as well as Syrian refugees. Because the lights are foldable and ship flat, they’ve got a smaller carbon footprint than even traditional lanterns and flashlights.

The Solar QWNN is available on Indigogo through November 14, 2018 and other solar lights are available on the Solight website.  You can also donate without making a purchase, or consider spreading the word by sharing this video.