Call Before This Senate Vote

One more reminder for our Senators that we don’t want to roll back methane regulations!

Call Before This Senate Vote

At the beginning of the year, the House of Representatives voted to undo rules that prevent natural gas extracted from federal lands from being wasted. President Trump has already said he’s in favor of the move. Now, it’s up to the Senate to decide.

Although the definite date of the Senate vote is still unclear, there could be a vote on this rule as early as this week. Today, call or write your Senators and let them know you DO NOT want to see the Bureau of Land Management’s limits on methane pollution overturned. If you called about this issue as a Daily Action back in February, now it’s time to call back.

These rules not only help prevent climate change causing pollution, but they also help save the government money by not allowing gas companies to waste natural resources.

You can say something like this:

“I’m calling to ask [SENATOR’S NAME] to vote against any efforts to overturn the Bureau of Land Management’s limits on methane pollution. Nationwide, an estimated $330 million worth of natural gas from taxpayer and tribal lands is being wasted through leaks and the inefficient practice of venting and flaring every year. This pollution also contains methane, a harmful climate pollutant, as well as toxic and ozone-forming chemicals which increase smog and can cause cancer and respiratory diseases.”