Block Pruitt: Part 2

Get on the phone to tell your senators to reject Scott Pruitt.

Let’s make some calls

We agree with 400 former Environmental Protection Agency employees that Scott Pruitt is a bad pick to head that agency.

Pruitt doesn’t think the EPA should be regulating some of the most harmful environmental pollutants. You may have heard that he sued the EPA 14 times. These lawsuits tried to block the EPA’s ability to regulate all kinds of pollution, including poisonous mercury and carbon dioxide. In 13 of those lawsuits, he was fighting on the side of big polluters, not against them.

In our very first Daily Action, we asked you to write your senator to block Scott Pruitt’s nomination. It looks like his final confirmation vote could be next week, so now we’re asking you to call. You can find a list of senators local offices here—those lines can be less busy than the D.C. office.

You can say something like this:
“I strongly urge you, [NAME OF YOUR SENATOR], to stand up for families across the nation and oppose Scott Pruitt’s nomination to head the Environmental Protection Agency. As Oklahoma Attorney General, Pruitt spent his time allowing big polluters to do whatever they want, rather than protecting the health, clean air and water of his constituents. He is unfit to lead the EPA.”