Ask Congress to Make Climate a Top Priority

Put pressure on the new Congress to make fighting climate change a top objective.

In her opening address on Congress last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called climate change “the existential threat of our time.” She also convened a new panel on climate change, but the panel doesn’t have as much authority as a similar panel did a decade ago. The panel can research climate solutions and make policy recommendations, but it doesn’t have the power to write new legislation. It was a missed opportunity.

We need to keep up the pressure on our elected officials to make bold climate legislation happen. This week, help do just that by making a very quick call to your members in the House and Senate and urge them to prioritize climate action in any legislation they introduce or vote on over the next two years. Many of them may be new. They should hear from you.

When you call, you can say something as simple as this:
Hello, I’m a voter from [YOUR TOWN] and I’m calling to urge [NAME OF OFFICIAL] to push for climate action in the new Congress. Please prioritize climate in any bills they introduce or vote on in the next two years. We will be watching! Thank you.

Note: If you have any newly elected members of Congress, they may not be in the Senate’s online directory yet (it wasn’t updated at the time of writing). So, we’d recommend looking up your new official(s) on Ballotpedia, which has contact information via campaign sites.

Photo: Ben Becker